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An Excel VBA program for Geochemical data plotting.

Geochemical Software - GeoPlot,Free Download

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    GeoPlot is a free VBA macro program used in Excel for plotting geochemical data. It has the following functions: X-Y plot, triangular plot, normalized spidergram, discrimination diagram, and the related functions such as calculating formulas and CIPW norm. GeoPlot also contains many normalization values used for spidergram and many discrimination diagrams. Users can also add new normalization values for spider diagrams and the specification data for a new discrimination diagram into GeoPlot. This program provides a menu and a toolbar in Excel for allowing easy management of these functions. GeoPlot has the advantage over the existing stand-alone plotting programs in that it allows data to be plotted and visualized easily in the Excel environment, which geochemists use to organize and valuate the data.

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